Fifth big book of the art of Zdeněk Burian

Books showcasing the art of Zdeněk Burian

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The renowned Czech artist Zdeněk Burian is best known internationally for his paintings of dinosaurs, extinct mammals and prehistoric man, but his illustration work is only well known in the Czech Repub- lic. We are proud to make available six books showcasing this remarkable artist’s work.

Available DARK TOWER First Editions

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Phil Hale


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The first of a new series of art books


Rick Berry


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DONALD M. GRANT, PUBLISHER, INC. is proud to announce the publication of Christina Rossetti’s GOBLIN MARKET, lavishly interpreted by award winning artist Omar Rayyan.

Over one hundred drawings and watercolor paintings are packed into this 88 page full color book. 10 x 12 inches, hardcover with a printed dust jacket and an introduction written by Charles Vess. Omar signed a number of books for us and these are available while they last at no extra cost.

Goblin Market” was written by Christina Rossetti and first published in 1862. The poem is teeming with imagery and symbolism, true to the nature of the Pre-Raphaelite era in which it was written. It is about two sisters, Laura and Lizzie, who are enticed by the calls of the goblin merchants, who sell fruits in fantastic abundance, variety and flavor. Laura succumbs to the temptation of the forbidden fruits, and Lizzie tries to help her fallen sister.

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DONALD M. GRANT, PUBLISHER, INC. is proud to announce the publication of Roger Zelazny’s only two children’s books in affordable Trade Editions. Previously available only in Signed Limited Editions (currently selling for $350.00 and up) these books are illustrated with 7 full page color illustrations as well as a full color wrap-around cover and are now available at a retail price of $19.99 each.

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Idyl - I'm Age

The first book publication collecting two legendary graphic strips by the late Jeffrey Jones. Available in Hardcover and Trade Paperback.

Life Wants to Live

A joint publication by Donald M. Grant, Imbroglio and Allen Spiegel Fine Arts that premiered at Phil Hale’s opening at Jonathan Levine’s Gallery in New York City on February 21, 2015.

Contains all 15 paintings exhibited as well as pencil drawings, an introduction by Michiko Oki and a conversation with Justin Mortimer.

Vintage T-Shirt Designs

Drawn by Jeffrey Jones, Shary Flenniken, Bobby London and Gahan Wilson.

Originally sold through NATIONAL LAMPOON magazine in the mid-1970s, these shirts are made with the original T-Shirts transfers created in 1975. The colors are as bright as they were 40 years ago.

Wind Through the Keyhole

These Limited Editions are embellished with 6 Full-Color and 11 Black & White illustrations by award winning artist Jae Lee, best known to Stephen King fans as artist for the Dark Tower Graphic Novels.

The Paperback Art of James Avati

In this lavishly illustrated book graphic designer Piet Schreuders reconstructs Avati’s life and 40-year career.

Bradbury: An Illustrated Life

In this lavishly illustrated labor of love, Jerry Weist — Sotheby’s fantasy and science fiction collectibles expert and longtime Ray Bradbury friend and collector — gives us a unique “visual biography,” a one-of-a-kind celebration of the life, career, and genius of one of America’s most beloved literary giants.

Talisman / Black House Gift Set

Peter Straub and Rick Berry have signed our 3500 copy edition of The Talisman which is available only in our Talisman/Black House Gift Set.

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