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Black House

In this sequel to The Talisman, Jack Sawyer is now in his late thirties and has taken early retirement from the LAPD, retreating to a small town in Wisconsin. He has no memory of his adventures as a twelve-year-old boy, when he traveled into a parallel universe in search of the talisman that would save his mother’s life. A series of murders involving young children force him out of retirement. There is more to these cases than murder, though, and Jack must retrieve his childhood memories to rescue the latest victim, who is coveted by the killer’s evil overlord, a powerful force from End-World, in Roland the gunslinger’s universe.

  • Limited edition of 1,500 signed and numbered copies in matching traycase. Signed by Stephen King, Peter Straub, and Rick Berry.
  • Gift edition of 3,500 copies (includes THE TALISMAN) in black slipcase. Signed by Peter Straub and Rick Berry.

639 pages. ©2002

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