We currently receive 2 or 3 inquiries a day about submissions. While most people know that we publish Fantasy, Horror and Science Fiction, we do get a number of submissions from people who know nothing about our company, but are apparently contacting publishers through some sort of list.

The reality is that we have only 2 employees (including myself) and we do not have the time to read manuscripts. We average about 3 or 4 new books a year. New book projects are generated through people whom we know and by authors we have previously published. We would like to be able to read all your manuscripts and I’m sure we’ve passed on some really good ones, but it would take someone working full time doing only that, so we can’t.

A lot of people contact us looking for advice on how to get published or get an agent, and even how to go about writing a book once they have an idea for one. This kind of information is available in various books and magazines. Our advice is to go to a library and do some research there.


I love art, I collect art and some of my best friends are artists. We do save all portfolios and samples which are sent to us, but we do publish only a few books a year and usually use artists we know, or who are requested by an author. We do occasionally commission work from someone we haven’t used before, but that has become rarer as the years have passed. Your best bet is probably to show me your art at a convention. I’m usually at the World Science Fiction and World Fantasy Conventions as well as Boskone and maybe a few others in the course of the year.

Good luck and thanks for thinking of us.

Robert K. Wiener, President
Donald M. Grant, Publisher, Inc.

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