The Art Of Jeffrey Jones

Jeffrey Jones’s first commission was by Donald Grant in 1966 for Robert E. Howard’s Red Shadows. This is the largest collection of his work ever published with more than 175 erotic, heroic, fantastic, and disturbing works, including numerous unpublished pieces. This has his finest paintings from his top paperback covers to comic strips such as “Idyll”, special paintings done on commission, or for himself, in the past few years, and a superb series of Tarzan paintings. We love this book.

We have a few copies of the Trade Edition which were signed by Jeffrey Jones before he died in 2011. These are available while they last at $45.00

The 1,200 copy deluxe edition is signed by Jeffrey and has 16 additional pages of full-color paintings, several previously unpublished, a signature plate and slipcase, none of which are in the trade edition.

The Deluxe Edition has a shipping surcharge of $3

Published by Underwood Books

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