The Dark Tower VII – The Dark Tower Artist Edition

At the outset of the final installment of our saga, Roland’s ka-tet is scattered across several different wheres and whens.

Susannah Dean (still in the clutches of the demon Mia) is in End-World’s Fedic Dogan: a chamber of horrors where magic and technology can be merged and where a monstrous half-human child can be brought forth into the world.

Eddie Dean and Roland Deschain are in Maine, 1977, searching for the site of otherworldly walk-in activity, and a possible doorway back to Mid-World.

Jake Chambers, Father Callahan, and the bumbler Oy are battling vampires and low men in New York’s Dixie Pig Restaurant, circa 1999, a place where long pig is definitely on the menu.

As soon as our tet reunites, they must journey to the headquarters of Thunderclap’s Wolves in order to discover exactly why the Crimson King’s minions have been culling the brains of young children for twin-telepathy enzymes. The answer is more horrible than they realized, and bears directly upon Roland’s quest to reach the Dark Tower.

When they call the roll of the great figures of modern American literature; Bellow, Miller, Morrison, Updike, Roth; they can now add a name: Stephen King.

The New York Times

The 5000 copy Artist Edition is signed by Michael Whelan and features a Smyth sewn binding. This and the Deluxe Editions are the true first editions as they were released 2 weeks prior to the Trade Editions. Remaining copies of the Artist Edition are available either individually or as part of the Dark Tower Special Offer below.

SPECIAL OFFER – The Black House & Talisman – Gift Edition & The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower Artist Edition $165.00 — a saving of $50.00!
Please note that most copies of BLACK HOUSE have a manufacturing defect – bits of white from the dust jacket have adhered to the black covering of the book. As we have less than 50 sets left we cannot open the sets looking for a perfect copy for you.

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