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“Idyl was my favourite thing that was a comic when I was a teenager. I didn’t understand the ones I read, but I loved them anyway. . . . Now they’re collected and are as magical and elegant as they ever were.”

Neil Gaiman

Idyl I’m Age

Donald M. Grant, Publisher, is proud to announce the first book publication collecting these two legendary graphic strips by the late Jeffrey Jones. IDYL ran in the pages of the National Lampoon while the later I’M AGE appeared in Heavy Metal Magazine.

Now available is IDYL – I’M AGE, an 96 page oversized 9” x 12” art book celebrating the unique vision of celebrated artist Jeffrey Jones. Collected for the first time are all the pages of these graphic strips (both written and illustrated by Jones), this volume is published in both Hardcover and Trade Paperback versions. The book has both an Introduction and an insightful Afterword by award winning artist George Pratt.

  • Hardcover Edition $39.99
  • Trade Paperback Edition $24.99

As a special offer we are including a copy of Jeffrey Jones’s cartoon book IT’S GARBAGE COMING with each order.

We also have other t-shirt designs by Shary Flenniken (Trots and Bonnie) Bobby London (Dirty Duck) and Gahan Wilson (Nuts).

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